Our team of snowplows, front-end loaders, skid steers, snow pushers and snow removal equipment guarantees that we can handle any and all snow removal jobs.  Our services are not limited to parking lots, as we also service parking garages and loading docks.

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Keeping sidewalks clear can save businesses money because fewer accidents translate to lower insurance rates.  It is crucial to have your walkways safe because most slip and falls occur when there is less than 1 inch of snow.  With our well-trained crews and equipment, walkways are guaranteed to be clear and safe, even after the heaviest snowfalls.  No matter the size of the walkway, our commercial grade snow blowers, shovels and sidewalk salt dispensers can take on the deepest snow or iciest walkways.

Snow plowing and Removal

Our services are automaticA.K. Maintenance will initiate services based on the type, timing and intensity of each winter weather event so that you will not need to call us first. We are available to serve you 24/7 during the winter months if you have special requests.

During the winter, you need a dependable and responsive snow removal company to keep your property safe for employees and customers, while allowing your business to operate with as little interruption as possible.  You can count on A.K. Maintenance to provide the highest levels of plowing and salting services no matter what surprises winter has in store for us.

Snow and Ice Control

since 1972

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Sidewalk clearing

A.K. Maintenance is committed to ensuring our customer’s parking lots and sidewalks remain completely safe after we have finished clearing them.  Our stock pile of salt helps us always be prepared for the worst.  Because even the smallest accumulations of ice can be dangerous, we first scrape as much snow off as possible to make sure the salt is effective. 

We customize our services to meet your needs. A.K. Maintenance will respond to weather events based on your business’ operating hours and desired type of service.  Every organization has different needs and we are flexible enough to handle any commercial property. 

De-icing services